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August 29, 2016 by Jeff Reviews 1

Jeff’s Guide to 2016’s Top Photo Resources

2016 – Top Photography Resources on the Web Shut up and show me the links! As someone who’s entire formal academic education has been in the arts , I am a firm believer in a disciplined course of training and instruction for anybody trying to learn anything, whether it’s cooking, car mechanics, photography or whatever.  No matter how smart or talented you may be, there’s no substitute for learning in a structured environment from somebody who is an expert. This is particularly true in the arts, where it’s essential to have a good grounding in fundamental technical concepts and craft knowledge in order to express yourself clearly and creatively.  And it’s even more true in a field as technical as photography where technology we use today may not have existed two years ago.  The bottom line is, you’ve got to try and keep up and the best way to do that is continuing education. Fortunately these days we have more options for education than ever before.  One problem with this abundance of information is that sometimes the information is not reliable.  The websites below are reliable and I personally use and recommend the websites below. Most of these folks also offer paid training […]

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