Jeff Falls in the studio

In the studio.

Hi, I’m Jeff Falls. I’m a professional photographer located in Scottsdale, Arizona and this is my website. Glamworks.com is my beauty/glamour site.

I’ve been a photographer for going on four decades now.  I shoot everything from corporate headshots to residential interiors but my specialty is female beauty.  I love working with my female models to help them bring out the real beauty within them, regardless of their age, body type or budget.

My beauty and fashion work tends towards the darker and edgier side.  The artistic themes that interest me are sex, power and the construction of identity.

I went to film school at USC and I’ve been in love with photography since I first walked into a darkroom at 14 and it was love at first site (or love at first smell of Dektol anyway). I’m very experienced with all forms of imaging equipment from large-format 4×5 film view cameras and 35mm Arriflex motion picture cameras to the latest digital gear from Nikon or Sony.

 If you’re interested in hiring me for a shoot, you can call or text me at 623-271-5560 or you can email me at shooter@glamworks.com, or you can fill out the form below:

My rates start from $349 for a basic 45 minutes headshot/portrait session in my Scottsdale studio and go up to $1999 for an all day location shoot with a full crew. A typical in-depth boudoir/beauty shoot takes about 4 hours and costs $999 and you end up with at least 20 perfect hand-retouched photos.

You can find more detail about the types of shoots I do here.

Have something unusual in mind? Give me a call and let’s talk!  I’m always up for a challenge or something different.

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